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Jubba appeared on the 'Reasoning Jamaica' podcast

Jamaican Recording artiste & freestyler, Jubba, talks about his recent success, connection to top event promoter Nino and more

Jubba, Talks about everything (Jamar Cleary)

The podcast, Reasoning Jamaica held a conversation with the rising artiste, Jubba (born Tevaun Taylor), who talked about connections to top event promoter Nino (Sandz, Ova Suh, Champagne Saturdays, Triple Thursdays and more), being Magnum's Top Performer and how he used the prize money to uplift his community and start a business.

The 'Reasoning Jamaica' podcast it's a series that shows a more human side to dancehall artistes, a better understanding of their music taste and also freestyle skills. This is a joined project between Yaad Boiiz Films and Clear Editz Studios and Kaboom Magazine.


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