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Jamaican Sensation Monifa Goss Unleashes Debut EP 'Eve'

Rising female talent Monifa is set to drop her 7-track project, a fusion of Pop Dancehall & R&B featuring collaborations with Daddy1 and Brazilian artist Gabra

The hotly anticipated debut EP Eve

Jamaican rising talent Monifa Goss has garnered attention for her ability to create uplifting dancehall pop complemented by stunning vocals. Her debut EP, titled "Eve," is set to release on Friday, 24th November through EMPIRE via Creed Music Global, is an emphatic confirmation of this emerging artist’s talents.

The 7-track EP includes collaborations with dancehall artiste, Daddy1 and Brazilian artiste, Gabra. "Eve" showcases a diverse range of styles that underscore Monifa's artistic approach, spanning from energetic dancehall anthems to more pop-infused tracks, all highlighting her remarkably powerful R&B vocals.

"When I started 'Eve,' I knew it had to be about female empowerment because that’s what Monifa Goss goes hard for," said Monifa about the EP. "I’m a feminist. I believe in women experiencing equality right across the board while winning and dominating like crazy, and that’s why I called the EP 'Eve.' I brought it back home to the first woman that ever walked on planet earth. She went through all the phases us women go through now in the present, and I just thought that someone needed to pay her some homage," she added.

Opening track ‘Bad Gyal’ comes roaring out of the gate with an exuberant dancehall pop anthem, celebrating the original ‘Bad Gyal’ Eve. The track comes with a music video also dropping on 23rd November. Shot by Hue Wisdom, the video features the star partying up in the club, Gossy style. Monifa reflects on the video, stating, "The styling, choreography, makeup, hairstyling, filming, editing - it was just screaming Bad Gyal Gossy! I just wanted to showcase what a true Bad Gyal was in the music video while paying homage to my culture, and I know for a fact that we aced it".

Such a vibe, Monifa (Photo: Adrian Smith)

Recent single ‘Outside’ follows, seamlessly mixing RnB and dancehall with a pop twist, showing off Monifa’s prowess as a vocalist and melody-maker. A melange of sunny harmonies and sublime synths, the track is a joyful break for freedom, documenting Monifa’s thoughts of longing during lockdown. Elsewhere on the EP, highlights include ‘Vibe’, the collaboration with rising Jamaican Dancehall artist Daddy1, and ‘The One’ featuring reggae musician Gabra.

Monifa Goss, also known as "Gossy," grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, in a small community but with the ambition of becoming a world-renowned international artist. In a recent interview with Kaboom, she shared, "What you see right now is a product of my mommy. Everything she has taught me is engraved inside."


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