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JAHFROBEATS winners announced: rising Nigerian artiste Zasan & Chimney Records

The renowned Jamaican label and the rising Nigerian talent won the contest which was held by Cyphr App. Their winning collaboration will debut at the Afronation show

Zasan & Jordan Chimney, won the grand prize

Cyphr, the groundbreaking music collaboration app, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its JAHFROBEATS contest. This competition has united Jamaican and African musicians, fostering cultural exchange, and is giving rise to a captivating new sub-genre that intertwines the vibrant sounds of these two musical powerhouses. The 1st place winners, top Jamaican producers Chimney Records and Nigerian rising artist Zasan, have been awarded the grand prize of $2500 USD for their collaboration, elevating Zasan’s profile to a global scale while adding another accolade to Chimney Record’s illustrious career.

Renowned producer Jordan (of Chimney Records), whose winning beat enthralled users, expressed his enthusiasm for the Cyphr app’s potential: "Cyphr is bringing a new level of opportunity to the music industry, and we’ll continue utilizing it to collaborate with artists worldwide. The JAHFROBEATS contest has been an exciting journey, and we are thrilled to be named the winning producer.”

“The JAHFROBEATS contest is undoubtedly a very interesting and unique form of collaboration. I’m honoured to have been a part of JAHFROBEATS and a part of Cyphr. Cyphr is the present and future of music recording apps.”, said the emerging artiste Zasan, who contributed her captivating vocals to the winning song, expressed gratitude for being part of the JAHFROBEATS contest.

"Cyphr is bringing a new level of opportunity to the music industry"

JAHFROBEATS, an initiative that pays homage to the rich musical heritage of Jamaica and Africa, has brought together talented artists from diverse backgrounds to create something truly extraordinary. Through the Cyphr app, musicians hailing from both regions were invited to collaborate on a song, utilizing the app’s seamless recording and production capabilities. The contest not only provided a chance to win prestigious cash prizes but also offered the opportunity for participants to gain recognition on an international level.

Dylan Brennan, CEO of Cyphr, expressed his excitement for the success of JAHFROBEATS and the birth of a new sub-genre: “It’s been thrilling to witness JAHFROBEATS come to life, with Jamaican and African musicians creating music together on Cyphr. We can officially say that a new sub-genre is born! This is just the beginning, so stay tuned.”

With the JAHFROBEATS contest, Cyphr has demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing the music industry by providing a platform for cross-cultural collaboration and artistic innovation. Through its user-friendly interface and powerful recording capabilities, Cyphr empowers musicians to create, collaborate, and bring their unique visions to life directly from their mobile devices.

Jordan Chimney, One of the most prominent Jamaican producers

The winning collaboration between Chimney Records and Zasan is set to be played during the Afronation show (Wednesday, July 5) on UK radio 89.6.


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