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Felva Unleashes 'Starboy EP,' Blending Dancehall and Latin Music

Latin Artist Felva Joins Forces with Popeye Caution and Reggaeton Icon Jowell for 'Starboy EP,' Landing a Place on Spotify's New Music Friday Latin Playlist in Its First Week

L-R: Dancehall recording artiste Popeye Caution, Jowell and Felva

Latin-inspired musician and producer Felva has collaborated with dancehall artiste Popeye Caution and Reggaeton legend Jowell (one-half of the renowned duo Jowell Y Randy) for a new diverse musical endeavor known as the 'Starboy EP.'

This EP comprises three tracks, including 'Asi Lo Hacemos,' 'Jamaica,' and 'Starboy Hot,' and is released through Felva's record label 'Maintain Music,' headquartered in Miami and distributed by 'Innercat Music.'

"Starboy is a short project with a Latin and Dancehall combination. We had three songs that fit the vibe and I didn’t want to stretch that project anymore. With this I was able to preserve the high quality of the music”, said Felva. "I feel like I needed to bridge that gap or create a crossover between the two. I also have a lot of respect for reggae and dancehall music. The core word in Reggaeton is Reggae. So, it’s really paying homage to the country/culture and although small, it has birthed a lot of greats and OGs. Shaggy, Shabba Ranks, and Bob Marley have all influenced global music. It’s about paying homage to the land of the greats”, he added.

Felva, who conceptualized the EP from the summer of 2022, named the EP, ‘Starboy’ in reference to women celebrating ‘hot girl summer’, stating that men deserve to have a ‘star boy summer’. He added, “The EP has been a hit so far. I recently did an interview on satellite radio SiriusXM – Pitbull Globalization, and I was invited back to promote the release of the EP. We’re going to continue to do press in Jamaica and Latin America. We’re targeting urban Latin blogs on Instagram, pushing all three music videos, and we’re hosting a release party on October 6th at Racket Wynwood, in Miami, Florida”.

In its debut week, the 'Starboy EP' earned a spot on the New Music Friday Latin playlist on Spotify. The tracks on the EP have been gaining momentum in the United States, Mexico, and Spain.

Felva, an Ecuadorian-Colombian artist based in Miami, is a versatile musician, producer, and DJ known for his DJ remixes of popular tracks like those of Bad Bunny. He made his recording artist debut in 2020 with 'Pegao,' a collaboration with Jason Cerda, aiming for gold certification by the RIAA. He's also released singles like 'Cumpleanos,' 'Cora,' 'V12,' 'Circo,' and 'Ronaldo.' Felva has an impressive producer portfolio, including 'Diplomático' with 'Diplo,' 'Apedrums,' and 'Guaynaa.' His track 'Mascara-Soy Barbara' with 'Walshy Fire' of 'Major Lazor' gained international recognition, especially in Spain. 'Saban Music Group' enlisted him to produce the official remix of 'Deja De Hablar' by 'Chesca' and 'Jon Z.'


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