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Digital Distribution with Malaika Lepine from OneRPM Caribbean

They are responsible for the digital release & marketing of some of the biggest dancehall and reggae songs, so what makes OneRPM so unique? We dived into their world of distribution

Masicka; The dancehall star is among the satisfied customers of OneRPM (Prod By Nick)

You may have seen the name "OneRPM" aligned with some of the biggest music releases over the years, but what is OneRPM? and how is it aligned with Dancehall & Reggae? Kaboom Magazine caught up with Malaïka Lepine, who holds the title of Business Development Manager at OneRPM for the Caribbean.

ONErpm is more than a distribution company, they are a full-service data-driven music business solutions provider that helps artists, producers, music labels & songwriters. whether established or not to be interconnected in the global music market for both audio and visual. They operate one of the largest music MCNs in the world and their entire business model revolves around artist discovery and career development.

"The digital age has transformed the way in which music is created, distributed, and consumed, and OneRPM understands that navigating it can be overwhelming. so we have developed this platform to guide musicians in digital distribution", says Malaika.

ONErpm was founded in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz with offices and studios located in London, New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico City, Madrid, Moscow, Istanbul, and many other cities across Africa and even Tanzania. of course, they have offices in Jamaica with intentions of expanding into more territories in 2023.

OneRPM bolsters a huge & impeccable clientele, including recent chart-releasing projects from Masicka on his highly successful '438' album, Sean Paul's Grammy-nominated album 'Live n Livin', and also Kabaka Pyramid's Grammy-nominated 'The Kalling', are from our Caribbean office.

They also bolster multiple releases from other Reggae & Dancehall acts including Ryging King, Jahmiel, Valiant, Sizzla, & Tommy Lee Sparta, just to name a few. Top charting-billboard producers such as TJ Records, DJ Frass, Notnice, Dunwell, Romecih Ent, Black State, Damage Musiq, Birchill, ZJ Chrome, Chimney Records, and many more are also a part of the platform’s huge clientele.

Kabaka Pyramid, winner of Best Reggae Album at the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony

One of the significant concerns of musicians established or not is royalty payments & how it is dispersed. ONErpm receives payments from all DSPs on different days of the month (as do all companies). The difference is when ONErpm accepts payments, they make those funds available to the creators immediately.

The digital age has transformed the way in which music is created, distributed, and consumed, and OneRPM understands that navigating it can be overwhelming

You can withdraw funds multiple times a month if you want, unlike the majority of other companies who wait and payout at the end of each month. ONErpm uses Tipalti (PayPal/Payoneer) for automatic payments once creators set up their accounts.

"Besides our great customer service, transparency is a key factor. from the upload process to analytics, to marketing tool, to finances, with detailed reports, it is all in one dashboard. Although others might have similarities, none have it in depth like ONErpm", explains Malaika. "We've recently launched our new marketing feature 'Amplifier' which is a Marketing Campaign Management System that provides artists with on-demand information and transparency regarding clients’ marketing campaigns", she elaborates on what separates OneRPM from the multiple other digital distributors.

"There are no costs associated with registering and signing up with the platform and it is as simple as having an internet connection and an email address, I personally try to make myself available for a conversation, quick chat, or email exchange to provide clarity or direction. In-depth details can be found at our website", boasts Malaika.

Malaïka Lepine, Business Development Manager at OneRPM Caribbean

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