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Dexta Daps Upcoming 'Trilogy' Album to Include 16 Tracks, Featuring Massive Collaborations

The fourth studio album of the ladies' favorite artist is set to be released on his 38th birthday on January 12th

Dexta Daps, The ladies are eagerly awaiting the album (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Following his successful 'Trilogy' tour in Jamaica, featuring three stellar shows, international dancehall star Dexta Daps is charging forward toward the upcoming release of his fourth album, also titled 'Trilogy.'

The ladies' favorite artist, has chosen to unveil his fourth studio album on his 38th birthday, January 12th, under the title 'Trilogy.' It will be his fourth studio album.

In the festive spirit of Christmas, Dexta Daps took to his Instagram account to confirm that his upcoming album would feature 16 tracks. Eager to involve his fans in the creative process, he actively sought their input and suggestions for potential collaborations on the album.

Notably, Dexta Daps recently teamed up with dancehall star Masicka on 'March On,' featured in the 'G.O.K' album. Additionally, he played a significant role in the chart-topping single 'Slow Motion,' alongside fellow community artist, dancehall legend Bounty Killer and Cham. The trio also shared the stage during the Trilogy tour.


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