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Dancehall artiste Armanii released his 8-track ‘Nostalgic' EP

Dancehall newcomer dropped his new project; the EP has already claimed the Number #1 Spot on the Reggae Apple Music Chart

Armanii, targets the ladies on his new project (Rickayla Mcneil)

Dancehall newcomer, Armanii unveiled his 8-Tracks EP titled 'Nostalgic', and is already reaping fruits as the EP skyrockets to the number one position on the Apple Music charts. his remarkable accomplishment not only showcases Armanii's artistic brilliance but also highlights the deep connection that listeners have formed with his music.

Known for his captivating melodies and lyrical prowess delivered a masterful blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful compositions, reflecting Armanii's unique ability to tap into the emotions that resonate with his audience. From the moment the EP was released, it has garnered praise from fans and critics alike for its evocative storytelling and sonic innovation.

Armanii, delivered soulful ballads in every single (Tejano Taylor)

Armanii expresses his gratitude for the overwhelming support from his supporters, acknowledging that their enthusiasm and loyalty have played a pivotal role in propelling "Nostalgic" to the number one position. He states, "I am humbled and deeply appreciative of the love and support that my fans have shown for 'Nostalgic.' This album is a piece of my heart, and I'm thrilled to see it resonate with so many."

The Kingston-native artiste showcased once again his unique soulful ballads while using his smooth sound which is influenced by a wide range of musical genres.

The 8-tracks album definitely targets the ladies while the artiste drops a sensual message in every piece of it. The album features intriguing collaborations with dancehall star Valiant on their 'Innocent' single which was released 2 months ago and racked up 1.9 million views on YouTube. The new summer single 'Outside' featuring Kranium is also included in the tracklist.

His Management team 'Global Stardom', and also the emerging producer DJ Mac led the production side while producers such as Aalvero & 876Diplomats also made their contribution.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Armanii has been making waves since he made a surge into the music industry with singles such has 'Wikid & Wild', 'Nahmal' among others.


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