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CPJ Elevates Vacae Weekend with D'usse and Remy Martin Infusion

CPJ elevates to new heights during Vacae Weekend, enriching the Easter Sunday events with the infusion of their premium beverages, D'usse and Remy Martin

The revelers emrabce the experience of premium drinks

The highly anticipated all-white brunch event, Estate, held on Sunday, March 31 amidst the bustling Vacae Weekend festivities, was elevated to a remarkable level by Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ). They brought forth an exquisite blend of the urban vibe of D'usse and the opulent charm of Remy Martin, captivating the diverse entertainment audience in attendance.

Driven by the premium beverages that headlined Vacae Weekend, these events immersed participants in urban sophistication through exclusive cocktails and immersive experiences. Within a chic ambiance, the "Estate" gathering reached unparalleled heights.

D'usse made a grand entrance at Vacae Weekend, captivating attendees with its signature cocktails and immersive experience, elevating the "Estate" event to new heights of urban sophistication. Meanwhile, CPJ continued its partnership with Estate, featuring Yellow Tail Wines as the preferred wine pour.

At "Ova Suh," CPJ owned the premium space with Remy Martin, seamlessly integrating its exotic elegance into the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of opulence and prestige for guests.

The collaboration between CPJ, D'usse, Remy Martin, Bumbu, and Yellow Tail Wines showcased synergy, enhancing the overall pouring experience with a blend of urban sophistication and timeless luxury, leaving attendees with unforgettable moments.

The girls are dressed in their all-white attire. (Photo: Coden Moyston)

"We are thrilled to have partnered with D'usse and Remy Martin to curate an unforgettable experience for Vacae Weekend attendees," said Sherieka Myers, Brand Manager, Spirits at CPJ. "Vacae Weekend’s innovation and audience perfectly aligns with our vision, and together, we were able to surpass expectations and set a new standard for experience weekends with all four brands including Bumbu and Yellow Tail Wines."


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