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VaCae Weekend: Boosting Jamaica's Economy with Prosperity

Featuring a diverse lineup of seven flagship events spanning four days, including the commemoration of Sandz' 10th anniversary, VaCae Weekend celebrates Caribbean music and culture during Easter Weekend

Andrew Ellis, CEO of Twenty 14 Limited

Twenty 14 Limited, formerly known as Supreme Team Limited, the renowned creator of the Sandz Caribbean Music Festival, announces the upcoming VaCae Weekend, which is set to significantly boost the Jamaican economy from March 29 to April 1, 2024, in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

The VaCae series boasts seven flagship events spread across four days during the Easter weekend, including The Lawn, Pan Di Plaza, Aquaholix, Strickly 2k, Ova Suh, The Estate, and the renowned Sandz Caribbean Music Festival, currently marking its 10th anniversary. This four-day extravaganza over Easter Weekend caters to a diverse audience with a vibrant fusion of Caribbean music genres.

Wrapping up the weekend is the Sandz Caribbean Music Festival on April 1st. Celebrating its milestone 10th year, it holds the title of Jamaica’s premier party series. With over 1 million attendees across 70 events worldwide, Sandz remains a key promoter of Jamaican culture and a driving force in stimulating the local economy.

Andrew Ellis, CEO of Twenty 14 Limited, conveyed his excitement for the event's expansion and influence, stating, “I’m incredibly proud of VaCae’s growth over the years. This event series is a testament to our commitment to boosting the Jamaican economy and garnering international attention to what Jamaica has to offer within the entertainment industry. We have broken several barriers, offering unique value propositions for each of our events. I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to grow and expand into new markets”.

Projected to generate $75 million (JMD) in total revenue, including income from hotels, Airbnb rentals, transportation, vendors, and attractions. Early bird tickets sold out rapidly, with 15,000 attendees anticipated at Sandz alone, amplifying excitement for VaCae Weekend. Past appearances by international stars like Rick Ross have set high expectations for this year's mystery artist, heightening the event's prestige.


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