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Consistency is the key: Chappzs paving his way in the dancehall industry

With a performance at the renowned "Sting" on his resume, the young talent came with hopes to maintain his status on top. So which artist is his favorite?

Chappsz, presents his interesting approach (Kyro Smoke)

Throughout the dancehall seasons, we are constantly introduced to the new faces of the industry. Dancehall has paved the way for multiple young artistes who have now successfully imprinted their mark in the music industry. When speaking on the new faces of the future in dancehall, it is without a doubt that Yoshiko Innerarity better known as Chappzs has to be included in the conversation.

Chappzs divulged his upbringing and what developed his passion for music. "At first I had a strong love for football", he explained. "In my spare time, I began watching YouTube videos with performances by other artists. I was heavily inspired by Beenie Man and Jah Vinci who is also my favorite artist", the Kingston native artiste further said.

Acknowledging his love for music since the tender age of 6 years old, Chappzs went on to explain the moment he found out that music was his true calling. "My mom can naturally sing. She helped me tremendously in discovering my talent", he expressed. "I heard a catchy song on the radio that I fell in love with and continued to sing, surprising my mother. She then assured me of my talent and I’ve never doubted my ability since", he continued.

Known for his memorable performance at the renowned Sting show, Chappzs profoundly explained the overwhelming experience. "Sting was my biggest experience and there’s no doubt about that", the artiste expressed. "Being a part of Sting, knowing its history and impact on Dancehall, I was overwhelmed to know I am now a part of that", Chappzs added.

Active on one of the most popular media services TikTok, Chappz explained how it has helped his promotion and its ability to be used as a professional marketing tool for artists. "It has definitely helped gain me recognition through promo", he explained. "TikTok is a really powerful tool, controlling the younger generation. The key is to be consistent so you can stay in the algorithm", he further added.

Known for his constant releases with songs such as "Swiss Cheese" and "Gold Card", Chappzs explains his current focus and goals for 2023 . "I have a variety of songs, 2023 is a year for me to showcase my versatility whilst still releasing music to please my fans", he said. "In the Corona period, I spent 2-3 years back to back making songs and beats. Through my consistency, I have now compiled an EP in which I’m currently shooting all the videos to be released in 2023", he further revealed.

"Once you have the talent, push yourself to release better music each time and do it consistently"

Understanding the hard work it takes to stay on top in the music game, Chappzs profusely expounded on the importance of staying consistent in releasing music to secure relevancy. "You have to constantly feed your fans", he pointed out. "A person can hear your music and without consistent releasing, you'll easily be forgotten. Once you have the talent, push yourself to release better music each time and do it consistently", he expanded his vision.

Describing his artistry, Chappzs went on to share how he handles the competition aspect of the music industry. "Honestly, I don't see myself amongst a competition, I have a time period in which I just go into my own zone", he explained. "I go into full hibernation mode, sometimes I don't even listen to other artists. I try not to copy anyone else’s sound", he added.

Acknowledging God in all he does, the 24-year-old plans to stay on top throughout 2023 and in the music industry. With desires to hopefully collaborate with Beres Hammond, Jah Vinci and Tommy Lee Sparta in the future, Chappzs intends on continuing to consistently release endless music. He is also set to release a new project with Bugle later this year.

Dreaming of big collaborations (Kyro Smoke)


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