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  • Akeeile Harris

Chef Simpson's Season 5 is Coming to Jamaica with a Star-Studded Lineup

Featuring Shenseea, Ding Dong, and many more, the renowned chef takes his show to Jamaica for Season Five

With an international flair and a love for comfort cuisine, Chef Patrick Simpson's cooking show is venturing to Jamaica for its fifth season.

This upcoming season promises to feature a lineup of dancehall and reggae stars, including Shenseea, Ding Dong, Romain Virgo, Jahmiel, I-Octane, StoneBowy and many others.

Shenseea during her episode

The audience can expect this season an atmosphere brimming with positivity and significant discussions concerning our community, music genre, and cultural heritage. Our guests are exceptional Jamaicans and other Caribbean individuals who are actively shaping their respective fields on a global scale.

With BlingBlangWork serving as both producer and director, injecting the genre into the show, viewers can expect a highly entertaining and humorous experience.

L-R: Sasha Bling, Stonebwoy & Chef Simpson

Born Wenford Simpson in St. Ann's, Jamaica, the chef has made a name for himself with a renowned restaurant in Brooklyn. His culinary prowess has attracted an impressive clientele, including the likes of Barack and Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Cardi B, Serena Williams, and many more illustrious figures.

Over the past four seasons, Patrick has warmly welcomed Jamaican celebrities, musicians, and cultural icons like Naomi Cowan to his show. With each guest, he infuses the program with laughter, culinary insights, and much more, creating an engaging and memorable experience for viewers.


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