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All the way up: Jamaican musician, Rosh Reign embracing her self-growth

The Hanover native songbird talks about her musical experiences, working with Wayne Marshall, Jahmiel and sharing her recipe for growth

Rosh Reign, sharing her recipe for growth (Nicki Kane)

Jamaica has been known to produce exceptional musical talent from its island. The country has provided multiple platforms of which successful and new upcoming artistes have used to propel their careers. Known as Jamaica’s biggest talent search show, Digicel Rising Stars has been the largest marketplace for new and potential talents. Giving recognition to artistes such as Jamaican native Christopher Martin, Jody-Ann Pantry, Romain Virgo and final season X-Factor winner Dalton Harris.

The same can also be said for 2008 SLR group member Rosh Reign (formerly known as Rosh Rebel) who placed third alongside her group members that year in the competition. Since the group separated, she has focused on building her brand and solo career. Giving deeper insight on her solo career Rosh Reign in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Known to the world initially as Rosh Rebel, Rosh explains the reason behind her name change and the influence it has had on her career. "It hasn’t really affected my career and if so I wouldn’t know about it”, she jokingly responded. “I just honestly felt in my gut it was time for a change. Rosh Rebel represented me being myself regardless of the opinion of others, I wanted to stand out and take ownership of my name and what it means to people", the songstress remarked.

From Rebel to Reign (Nicki Kane)

Describing her vocal style as raw and soulful, the Hanover native enjoys creating fun and motivational lyrics reflective of who she is through her music. "My musical style is fun it's motivational. My vocal style is very jazzy with a soul feeling", the singer passionately explained. "It's just a raw essence with a twist of reggae, pop, Rnb or any genre that I want to do", she further added.

Gaining exposure and experience as the years progressed, Rosh has worked with great talents such as Jesse Royal, Wayne Marshall, Romain Virgo, Teejay and more. Reflecting on her career, Rosh shared a few encouraging words she remembered in her time working with some of the artistes. "They always encouraged me to keep going and to stay true to myself", the vocalist revealed. "They also told me to work with persons who see my vision and always stay true to the music", she further divulged.

Sharing her recipe for growth and a successful career, the rising talent explained how her time in the industry enhanced her platform and growth as an artiste. "It definitely encouraged growth in my career as observing these talents taught me to be confident knowing I am my own boss", the upcoming artiste explained. "I also watch performances to learn stage presence and the kind I want to bring to the industry", she continued.

Actively sharing her most memorable moments, the rising star singer reflected on her "Sunday Live" performance alongside household name Wayne Marshall in which the two performed "Reggae Night" by legendary talent Jimmy Cliff. "First of all, just performing with him meant a lot to me", the Manning’s School past student humbly remarked. "To grow up listening to someone you admire and respect, perform with them and have them tell you your voice is wonderful it means a lot", she added with gratitude.

Working in a male-dominated industry, Rosh shared her experience and how she handles the pressure that comes with it. "I believe we are cultured to think that way", she passionately explained. "Although I understood that I would have to work extra hard, I believe it's a struggle amongst both genders. There are struggles but not because I am a woman", she neutrally added.

With a project set to release later this year the shining gem is working consistently to ensure quality music all 2023. Releasing a single last Friday titled 'If I' with dancehall artiste Jahmiel, Rosh Reign is excited for the future to come dedicating this year her year of breakthrough and success.

"They always encouraged me to keep going and to stay true to myself"


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