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Alexx A-Game released a new single and aiming the global market

With a big investment in his career as an independent artiste, he embraces a new song called 'Hurt inside' and talks about the career he built with his own hands

Alexx A-Game, Invest a lot as an independent artiste

Reggae-Dancehall artiste, Alexx A-Game (Born Alex Gallimore) and New Level Music Group have announced the release of his new single 'Hurt Inside'.

The new banger takes on a different feel from what fans usually receive from the artiste. Inspired by the pain of betrayal, disappointment, and a phase of constant hurtful situations, it rings out as an outlet of expression. However, there are no words to truly describe the emotions emitted from this song, the best way to know is to listen and relate.

Alex A-Game has put a lot of effort into his career to create his music over the years, and he has been in the industry for quite a few years. "As an independent artiste, I invest a lot, in basically everything. Without the industry inside push, you have to go twice as hard so I’ve had to make nuff sacrifices over the years to put my content together and get them out there. Sometimes take risks, and spend the bills money on music and visuals, and even appearances just to make it work. As time goes by and things are getting better I don’t have to take those risks but still, nothing changes where sacrifice is concerned", he said.

And when we talk about investment a lot, then that's what it is. Last year he even got to tour some places in Europe, and it was worth a lot for him.

"Touring Europe for the first time as an independent artiste was challenging but it was impactful. I made a lot of new fans, secured a lot of future bookings and most importantly learned a lot of things that have bettered me as an artiste and that will help me to reach out to more people. It’s very important to target international markets because Jamaica’s culture is powerful and the world needs to witness it. Jamaica has a small population and that is not so sustainable for an artiste to focus on the local market alone and maintain stability in the field for much time and that’s why some artistes die out after a short while. My focus is the world. I’m bringing Jamaica to the world", the St. Ann native artiste explains.

his latest release produced by God’s Work Music Group and visuals by RD Studios and the video director Ruppi, both perfectly capture the emotions of the artiste and send a clear message.

"This year I’m aiming to show the people who is the real Alexx A-Game"

"This year I’m aiming to be more present in the dancehall space so people can see and put a face behind the work that I’ve put out already. I want to prove myself as the most versatile artiste that has ever entered the space because I feel like I am, it’s just a matter of time and dedication that the world will find out and that’s the aim this year, to show the people who is the real Alexx A-Game and also to reach and impact more lives with the music", he testifies.

Hurt Inside is available for streaming on all digital platforms and visuals on Alexx A-Game’s YouTube channel. There’s no doubt that this highly relatable piece of work is going to make a solid impact in the dancehall space.


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