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  • Akeeile Harris

2023's Riddim of the Year: Big Bunx Reigns, Banga Rock 'Drifts' Through the Scene

Juggling Commands the Spotlight: Those who rode the drifting vibrations, magnetized the dance floors, and traversed the melodic domain. Unveiling the standout riddims of the year

L-R: Najeeriii, Valiant, Ding Dong

In an era dominated by solo performances in the dancehall scene, where artists collaborate closely with private producers to shine in the streaming and digital landscape, there are still standout individuals making waves. As we delve into the retrospection of 2023, let's explore the realm of riddims that defined the year.

Big Bunx - Enchanting the Airwaves Much has been articulated about this irresistibly catchy and magnetic rhythm. It commenced with singles like 'Wild Out' by Rajahwild, amassing over 12 million views on YouTube. Roze Don's 'Bakshat' and Najeeriii's 'Paddle Boat' also contributed to its allure, serving as flagship singles for the two artists this year. Emerging dancehall sensation Valiant added to the fervor, igniting Jamaica with 'Mad Out.' The riddim with unyielding provocativeness, continued to bask in success, attracting an array of artists like Skeng, Vybz Kartel, Stalk Ashley, and more eager to record on Franc White's beat. It has already drawn comparisons to the golden age of dancehall juggling in the latter part of the first decade of the 2000s, so it's undoubtedly a noteworthy phenomenon.

Banga Rock Riddim: Dancefloor Magic The scene underwent a magnetic transformation with the launch of the hit single, as "drift" effortlessly captivated audiences and became a chart-topper on dance floors. Teejay's standout hit was the initial release, but it wasn't the sole track riding the infectious beats crafted by the emerging producer Panda, alongside DJ Mac (despite copyright disputes).

Chronic Law contributed his track 'Uptown Badness,' which has already garnered an impressive 2 million views on YouTube. Adding the dancer-turned-artiste sensation, Kaka Highflames, made a powerful debut on the dance floor with his breakout single 'Flames Rock.'

Inna Dem Head: standout juggling experiences Romeich Entertainment has consistently showcased its ability to captivate audiences with infectious beats, a feat exemplified by Ding Dong's release of the single 'Bup Bup Bup.' This momentum further intensified with other compelling tracks like Valiant's 'Motorcade,' which garnered an impressive 5 million views on YouTube and left a lasting impact on the scene. The enchantment continued with Kraff's 'Audi,' and dancehall sensation Stalk Ashley added her brilliance to the compilation with 'Casamigos,' collectively crafting one of the standout juggling experiences of the year. Undoubtedly, this compilation stands as one of the defining soundtracks of the dancehall scene in 2023.

Forgiven: Unveiling deep melodies and expressive vibes Sponge Music's melodious riddim has significantly contributed to this year's dancehall soundtrack, featuring a diverse array of singles within the collection. Notably, the standout collaboration between the talented Jay-A and dancehall luminaries Mavado and Dexta Daps, titled 'Pain,' emerged as a highlight, amassing millions of listens and becoming a regular feature at weekly dances across Jamaica.

Rising sensation 450 achieved a breakthrough with 'Live and Learn,' boasting an impressive 15 million views on YouTube. The project also witnessed contributions from artists like Rajahwild with 'Every Night,' Demarco, Vanessa Bling, and more. The latest addition to this remarkable lineup is Govana's 'System,' released only recently.

Frsh Drop: Aidonia Brings a Breath of Fresh Air Following the widespread success of Aidonia's "Fresh Drop," which hit the dancehall scene like a tidal wave upon its release in March, the deejay with his Banga House Music Group, teamed up with producer Crash Dummy and BRT Weekend to expand the collection.

The infectious beat extended beyond Aidonia's original track, featuring additional contributions from acclaimed artists such as Ding Dong with 'Clean' and Govana with 'Grandmaster,' among others. As the beats of this pulsating riddim reverberated through dance floors across the music landscape.


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