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Yeza Joined Forces With Medisun & Blakkmoore For an Unveils Empowering Song, 'Need Not Apply'

"Need Not Apply" it's a musical odyssey of Roots Reggae, empowerment, and African cultural pride

Medisun & Yeza

The latest musical offering, "Need Not Apply," from the roots reggae trio consisting of MediSun, Yeza, and Blackmore, has hit the airwaves. Produced by the esteemed Californian reggae producer Toho Saunders, the track promises a distinctive sonic journey. Demonstrating the trio's unwavering dedication to crafting music straight from the soul, "Need Not Apply" transcends musical boundaries with its roots in Rastafari traditions.

This composition, a fusion of cool reggae vibes, soulful vocals, and subtle hip-hop/rap influences, invites listeners on an enriching musical escapade. The result is an Irish ride that captivates the senses and elevates the spirits, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Yeza shares her perspective on the track, emphasizing the significance of her African heritage. She expresses pride in her unique crown, whether adorned with traditional braids, a head wrap, twists, or an Afro. Yeza underscores the honor and duty she feels to defend and protect her distinct physical design, highlighting the deep connection between self-awareness and self-preservation. Collaborating with like-minded and talented individuals, she praises the impeccable lyricism of "Need Not Apply," describing it as a blend of wisdom and impact—an intellectual feast for the mind. In her words, "We are the history personified."

"Need Not Apply" emerges as a perfect addition to playlists seeking uplifting and inspiring tunes. With its combination of empowering lyrics, modern roots reggae beats, and profound messages, the track resonates with audiences yearning for a musical escape with substance.


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