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Watch: Popcaan Leads Drain Cleaning Project in St. Thomas

Despite recent challenges imposed by the local police, the deejay mobilized individuals for a community cleanup project

Popcaan, Invests for his community

Despite facing challenges from the St. Thomas County Police Department, especially in the aftermath of additional issues arising from his Unruly Fest, dancehall star Popcaan continues to express his affection for his childhood county by investing more efforts and resources to enhance its well-being.

After being fined J$6,000 for charges including using obscene language, disorderly conduct, employing abusive and insulting language, and threatening police officers, Popcaan took initiative in a drainage project for Bamboo River in Saint Thomas.

Teaming up with fellow dancehall artist Di Ruption and producer Roje Williams of Elite Records, the Unruly Boss mobilized tractors and a crew to clear and remove branches obstructing the drainage system in the area. Despite ongoing challenges, Popcaan utilizes available resources to contribute to the improvement of the district's living conditions.

Following a three-year hiatus, the deejay successfully hosted his annual Unruly Fest festival, although it faced disruptions from law enforcement near its conclusion.


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