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Watch: Nadine Sutherland Goes Acoustic On The Queen Project

Veteran Jamaican reggae singer spotlights women's stories of triumph and embraces empowerment and shared journeys

Nadine Sutherland Makes Mother’s Day Tribute

Veteran Jamaica singer Nadine Sutherland has unveiled an acoustic rendition of her empowering track "Queen" just in time for Mother’s Day. Taking to Instagram, accompanied by acoustic instruments, Nadine introduced the revamped version, emphasizing its resonance for women: "It’s important for women to hear themselves in this song and feel they can relate to the story I’m telling.”

In the acoustic rendition of "Queen," Nadine Sutherland presents a stripped-down, raw portrayal of the diverse journeys women embark on in their lives. Delving deeper, Nadine intricately threads the narrative that behind every standing woman lies an untold story of resilience and perseverance, symbolized by the gems in her crown.

"I poured my heart into this song. It’s about women who have gone through the wringer to be successful, who have been hit down and rise back up, and through it all women are Queens. 'Queen' is you, because we’ve had so many similar journeys", She said.

Acoustic Queen was recorded and shot on location at Anchor Studios with Neil-Prince Halliburton on guitar and engineered by Delroy "Fatta"Pottinger. Accompanying the release of the acoustic single is an official music video recorded and shot on location at Anchor Recording Studios. Video concept and direction by her manager Judith-Ann Bodley, Director of photography Duvaughn Burke and photography by Shotxshas.


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