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  • Akeeile Harris

Skillbeng's March Starlight

The dancehall deejay showcased his productivity with chart-topping collaborations featuring Stalk Ashley and Tyla, strategically engaging his female fan base with "Missbnasty"

Skillbeng, Shines Bright in March

Starting from March 1st, the dancehall star, Skillbeng, set his sights on a highly productive month filled with major hits and achievements. His ambitions were bolstered by the release of hit singles that swiftly made their mark on various charts, including the prestigious Billboard charts, culminating in a tremendously successful March for Skillbeng.

Kicking off the month, Skillbeng showcased his lyrical prowess alongside Stalk Ashley in "Really Like You," seamlessly complementing Ashley's sultry vocals with his own charismatic delivery. While the single garnered widespread acclaim and climbed the charts, it served as a tantalizing precursor to what was to come.

On March 14th, Skillbeng unleashed "Missbnasty," strategically targeting his loyal female fan base through influential social media creator known for their provocative content.

However, the Jamaican artist made headlines for his role in propelling dancehall onto the global stage with his collaboration on "Jump," featuring South African pop sensation Tyla and rapper Gunna, featured on Tyla's debut album, The track amassed millions of streams across various platforms and dominated the Billboard charts, further solidifying Skillbeng's significance in promoting dancehall music internationally.

Amidst the escalating demand from both local and international artists for collaborations, Skillbeng emerges as the quintessential formula for achieving chart-topping success.


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