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Reggae Sensation Khalia to Drop Debut EP 'Stay True'

The reggae songstress is set to launch her debut 7-track project, featuring captivating collaborations with Shaggy, Tanya Stephens, and other artistes

Khalia, set to release her debut project Reggae sensation Khalia has just announced the forthcoming release of her debut EP, "Stay True." This much-anticipated project is set to wow global fans with her enchanting vocals and distinct style.

Khalia's exceptional talent shines on this EP, further amplified by the support of reggae music icons such as Shaggy, Tanya Stephens, Mortimer, and Blvk H3ro. Produced by the Grammy award-winning Tony "CD" Kelly, this EP promises to capture hearts with its infectious rhythms and empowering lyrics.

Hailing from Jamaica and later making London her home, Khalia maintains a deep connection to her roots, with reggae being a central part of her musical journey. As the first artist signed to Tony "CD" Kelly's label, K-Licious Music, Khalia's career has steadily ascended.

Khalia shared her thoughts on the EP: "This EP is about exploring the different sides to me as an artist. The music that inspired me was not one-dimensional as I fell in love with many genres such as reggae, dancehall, grime, R&B, and gospel. Ultimately, reggae is my home. This body of work stays true to my reggae roots. The lyrics and topics are from my own life experiences, so each song holds a special place in my heart. Titled 'Stay True' from one of the songs on the EP, it also has a strong meaning to me, battling with what the world wants me to be and who I truly am. I choose to stay true to myself, even though it may not be the easiest thing to do."

The lead single, "Waiting On You," has already garnered significant attention, receiving praise from fans and industry insiders alike. With its infectious melody and memorable lyrics, the track exemplifies Khalia's ability to create music that resonates with diverse audiences.

"Stay True" is set to drop on October 27th via Ineffable Records, a respected label known for its dedication to quality music. The EP features a diverse range of tracks, from the soulful and introspective "Didn't I" to the potent yet uplifting "Go," featuring Blvk H3ro.

EP Track Listing:

1. Waiting On You

2. Didn't I

3. Tings & Time (feat. Mortimer)

4. Double Trouble (feat. Shaggy)

5. No Answer (feat. Tanya Stephens)

6. Stay True

7. Go (feat. Blvk H3ro)

With a remarkable lineup of collaborators and Tony "CD" Kelly's exceptional production, her debut EP, 'Stay True' is poised to establish Khalia's position in the music industry.


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