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  • Akeeile Harris

Majah Hype Interview: The King of Comedy Embarks on CaribStar Radio

The King of Comedy, Majah Hype, delves into his new radio show project, his unique comedy style, the Caribbean's impact on the global stage, the current state and influence of dancehall, and much more

Majah Hype, embarks on a new venture

Renowned Brooklyn-based Caribbean comedian Majah Hype sets sail on a new journey with his latest radio show airing on the syndicated Caribbean platform, CaribStar Radio.

In an interview with Kaboom Magazine, Majah, dubbed as the Caribbean King Of Comedy, delves into the intricacies of his forthcoming radio program. He shares insights into his comedic approach, reveals his preferences for Caribbean accents, reflects on the pivotal role dancehall has played in shaping his career, and much more.

"I wanted to do a radio show on CaribStar Radio to reach a wider audience and connect with my people in a different way," he explained. "I love the energy of live performances, but radio allows me to share my humor and thoughts with more people".

Expanding on his latest endeavor, he elaborated, "Expect real talk, laughter, and inspiration. I'll cover topics like culture, music, relationships, and life as a Caribbean person. I want my listeners to feel seen, heard, and uplifted," Majah shared. "I'll have segments like 'Majah's Take,' where I share my thoughts on current events, and 'Caribbean Connect,' where I interview artists, influencers, and everyday people doing great things."

Reflects on his own success story, he stated, "My success comes from being authentic and true to my Caribbean roots. I'm unapologetically myself, and my humor is relatable to my people. I also work hard to create content that resonates with a wide audience."

"Honestly, every time I make someone laugh, that's an iconic moment for me."

"Caribbean culture, especially Jamaican culture, is influential globally because of its richness, vibrancy, and resilience. We've contributed so much to music, art, literature, and even food. Our culture is infectious, and people love it," Majah further expressed.

Along the way, Majah regularly uses the culture, and especially the music, to talk or laugh at situations. "Dancehall music has been a huge influence on my career. I've worked with artists, incorporated dancehall into my comedy, and even hosted events. The current state of dancehall has pushed me to innovate and try new things," Majah explained.

Delving into the current state of dancehall, the entertainer explained, "Dancehall has evolved, and it's now a global force in music. It's influenced so many other genres, and Caribbean artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The industry has changed, but dancehall remains a powerful force in shaping music and culture."

Finding joy in laughter and in inspiring others, as well as in crafting memorable moments. "Iconic moments are mostly behind the scenes," he reminisced. "Seeing people DM me and tell me how my comedy had saved their lives or how I helped them through tough times. But honestly, every time I make someone laugh, that's an iconic moment for me."

Wants to leave a legacy of laughter

With a new radio show, a prosperous career, and indelible moments, he aims to leave behind a legacy. "As the King of Comedy, I want to leave a legacy of laughter, inspiration, and empowerment. I want to show the world that Caribbean people are more than just stereotypes – we're complex, talented, and worthy of respect", Majah concluded.


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