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Kevin Lyttle & NOGXNRE Turn Back the Clock with 'Put It On Me'

Listen: The Veteran Vincentian soca artiste returns with a new collaboration featuring the Los Angeles-based music collective

Kevin Lyttle, Nostalgic voice

Nostalgia is the name of the game in Kevin Lyttle’s newest collaboration, 'Put It On Me' with Los Angeles-based music collective NOGXNRE.

An ode to hits of his past, Kevin Lyttle returns to debut one of his most exciting singles to date with that sweet, nostalgic soca vibe we’ve come to know and love from his music. A match made in heaven ensues as he teams up with Miami-based DJ/producer NSJ and hip-hop phenom Matt Corman to create a track with something for all audiences.

Put It On Me was a perfect collaborative effort by all members of the NOGXNRE collective with a plethora of intricate moving pieces. Additional vocal/record post-production was provided by Abel 'Aloor' Loor, Adrian Chafer, and Adrian 'Auidi' Vázquez. The record was mixed and mastered by Stephen 'RandallDidIt' Randall and marketed by Corey 'Yeroc' Scherer. A&Ring, for the record, was provided by Alex Houlihan, Auidi, and Aloor.

Hailing from Miami, Matt Corman has transcended the independent artist lane and worked and toured with the likes of Logic and others! His music has successfully been steamed in the millions and landed him a collaboration with Miami hospitality giant Elleven. In partnership with longtime collaborator and friend NSJ, Matt Corman helped round out the collaboration, bridging two worlds into one unforgettable track.

Kevin Lyttle (Born Lescott Coombs) is a 47-years-old Vincentian soca artiste who is known for his hit single 'Turn Me On' which was released in 2003, spending seven weeks in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Charts.


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