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  • Akeeile Harris

Irie Jam Radio Partners with iHeartRadio to Launch 'Carib Star Radio' Nationwide in 2024

Caribbean Radio Giant, Irie Jam, is back on air nationwide with iHeart Radio. This collaboration aims to elevate Caribbean music to new heights

Bobby Clarke OD, Founder and CEO of Irie Jam Radio

Irie Jam Radio, a prominent Caribbean radio station in New York for the past three decades, officially unveiled its new partnership with iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia's comprehensive digital music, live streaming radio and podcast platform, when from January 2024, Irie Jam Radio's new digital station, "Carib Star Radio," will be accessible to a national audience through the iHeartRadio app.

he integration of Carib Star Radio into the iHeartRadio app heralds a new era for the Caribbean music genre, poised to scale new heights and engage a broader audience. This move also opens up more opportunities for advertisers to promote their brands and products.

"Irie Jam Radio has always been dedicated to promoting Caribbean music and culture"

"Irie Jam Radio has always been dedicated to promoting Caribbean music and culture," said Bobby Clarke OD, founder and CEO of Irie Jam Radio. "Our partnership with iHeartRadio offers a tremendous opportunity to expand our reach, allowing us to showcase the rich culture from the Caribbean to a wider audience. We are excited to embark on this incredible journey and bring the heartbeat of the Caribbean to listeners across the nation.

Notably, the familiar voices of Irie Jam Radio's personalities, formerly heard on its previous home WVIP Radio, will play a significant role in the new Carib Star Radio. With this expansion to a national level, Carib Star Radio aspires to amplify the Caribbean music scene and share the vibrant Caribbean culture with a diverse audience spanning various parts of the United States. Beyond music, Carib Star Radio will feature a diverse range of content, including Caribbean business, fashion, food, sports, politics, and lifestyle.

"We are excited to work with Bobby Clarke and the entire Irie Jam Radio team on bringing Caribbean music to a wider audience. iHeartRadio, with its more than 3 billion app downloads and more than 170 million registered users, is the perfect vehicle to do that," added Bernie Weiss, Region President of iHeartMedia New York.

The collaboration between Carib Star Radio and iHeartRadio is a testament to the growing popularity and influence of Caribbean music worldwide. As the genre continues to gain recognition, this partnership will not only expand the reach of Carib Star Radio but also serve as a platform for many businesses to advertise to a wider market.


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