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Interview: BadSkyla Discusses Recent Success, Rvssian Collab, and Versatile Future

The rising female artist reflects on her quick rise to success, working with Rvssian, diverse musical inspirations, and her anticipation of future collaborations

Gaining momentum in the dancehall (Photo: BadGee Studios)

Emerging as a prominent talent in the dancehall space, BadSkyla made her mark with the hit single 'Tek Time', amassing 1.2 million views. Her captivating vocals and raw lyrics over innovative beats have propelled her ascent.

Top Jamaican producer Rvssian recognized her talent, including her in the viral project 'Dutty Money' featuring her single 'Dandy Shandy'. With another viral hit, 'Mukbang', set to the infectious Weddy Weddy beat, BadSkyla's trajectory continues upward.

"The recent success I've gained in dancehall has been very fast," Skyla shared in an interview with Kaboom Magazine. "I've gained numerous new supporters from around the world, as well as locally. Also, I've had the opportunity to meet many new era dancehall artists and make new friends. The reactions from supporters during performances have truly boosted my confidence. Therefore, I would say it has been great."

Her style complements the current vibe of dancehall, but she also shares how she discovered the voice that led her into a promising career. "One key moment was when I found my voice at an event. performing was new to me and I was really shy. started to sing with me until I found my voice, it was loud and vibrant. It was a big moment for me," the young talent revealed.

Sets her sights on a versatile future (Photo: BadGee Studios)

Listening to various genres shaped the voice and style of Skyla (born Aalyannah Amanda Angel). "As a creative individual, my signature style comes naturally every time I'm making music. It's all about the energy surrounding me and how I feel. Due to me listening to different music genres like R&B, Reggae, and Pop influences both my sound and the concept of my songs," shared the Trelawny native singer.

The experience of collaborating with a renowned producer like Rvssian has certainly elevated her profile further. "Honestly, I've only met Rvssian once, along with some other new-generation artists, and it was a fantastic experience. Musically, it's an incredible feeling to be part of the the authorized bunch of dancehall artists on the 'Dutty Money Riddim' and 'Payment Plan Riddim'. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future".

The talented Jamaican singer is recognized as a rising talent in a competitive industry but remains unfazed by challenges. "As a female artist, you have to play your solidity even when there are stereotypes. I navigate and express myself authentically, staying true to who I am and setting firm boundaries", Skyla said. "Being authentic resonates with both men and women and can help you to be flexible and be able to work with anyone. It's about taking the time to understand others, their perspectives, and finding common ground for collaboration," she clarified.

"I would be interested in working with producers like Countree Hype, DJ Mac, Jiggy D, Jahvy Ambassador, and more. I like their unique styles and vibrant rhythms. As for artists, I'm drawn to talents like Lila Iké, Stalk Ashley, Masicka, and Doja Cat. I admire their musicality, professionalism, and deliverance," BadSkyla revealed her aspirations and dream collaborations.

Skyla aims to resonate authentically. (Photo: BadGee Studios)

As she gains momentum in the industry, with captivating singles already under her belt, 2024 is poised to be the year that catapults her career to new heights. "Fans can anticipate more versatility from me, with a plethora of upbeat songs and alternative sounds," BadSkyla echoed.

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