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Iconic Deejay Bounty Killer Teases Collab with Kabaka Pyramid and Nation Boss on 'My Level'

The Legendary Dancehall Artiste, Recent Grammy Winner, and Rising Dancehall artistes Unveil Upcoming Triple Collaboration: "Expect fiery lyrics, an eyebrow-raising delivery"

L-R: Bounty Killer, Kabaka Pyramid, Nation Boss (Photo: Jamar Cleary, Kyro Smoke)

Bounty Killer's enduring reputation as a mentor to young artists and a catalyst for nurturing successive generations of talent is once again exemplified. He has hinted at an upcoming collaboration with the recent Grammy-winning artiste Kabaka Pyramid and the dancehall performer Nation Boss in a track titled 'My Level' slated to release by the end of October.

The track, produced by Esco da Shocker and mixed by Tekk Tronic, presents a captivating trifecta of lyrical prowess featuring the iconic deejay Bounty Killer, Kabaka Pyramid, who, despite primarily being recognized as a reggae artist, has consistently demonstrated his lyrical dexterity when harmonizing with Nation Boss's melodies.

Of particular interest will be Kabaka Pyramid's contribution to this musical trio, especially considering his background of growing up with hip-hop influences and his track record of showcasing lyrical brilliance in singles like 'Lock Down D Place.'

"This is for the culture. Expect fiery lyrics, an eyebrow-raising delivery, and a song that fans will vibe to for years to come. Motivational yet hardcore," expressed the producer Esco Da Shocker. "As a producer, artist, songwriter, and former selector, I want to help change the collaboration trend in dancehall. More collaborations for the fans and the culture," he excitedly added.

Notably, the General, as he is affectionately known, recently had his UK visa reinstated and commended the emerging dancehall sensation Najeeriii, stating, "He's a talented, unique kid, and with good guidance, he should go places."


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