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Chris Brown landed in Jamaica for the BZR Weekend: "He loves the culture"

Ahead of his highly-anticipated concert in Jamaica, Breezy returned excitedly to the island. Chromatic and Coppershot were added to the "Rise And Toast" brunch

Breezy is here

The island is ready, the undisputed R&B superstar, Chris Brown has already landed in Jamaica and all faces are now turned to the BZR Weekend which will be held starting Friday in Jamaica. "Chris came a week early. He wants to be in Jamaica, he loves the culture, and he is super excited", Ryan Burke of the Vewempire, one of the promoters shared excitedly.

This is Breezy's, as he is more popularly referred to, first time in Jamaica for over 13 years since his last performance at the Reggae Sumfest back in 2010.

5 events over 3 days but one of the most anticipated is the brunch party "Rise And Toast" which will be hosted by the dancehall songstress, Jada Kingdom at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Port Royal.

This is apparently one of North America's most appreciated brunch parties, and it lands in Jamaica receiving a boost after two of the most popular sounds in Jamaica, Coppershot & Chromatic just added to the event lineup.

Chris Brown is in Jamaica (Jamar Cleary)

The exclusive brunch will be held between 12 pm - 4 pm, tickets are on sale for $60, on the website.


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