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  • Akeeile Harris

Young G's Records Expands "England Riddim" with Laden's "Top Coach"

Young G empowers his label with releases by dancehall newcomer Kant10t, Rytikal, and Michidon, and collaborates with producers like Malick Muzic and Skelly Dan Records

Laden has been added to the compilation

Rising dancehall producer Young G's Records is expanding the "England Riddim" project with the release of "Top Coach" by dancehall artist Laden.

Following the initial single, "England" by newcomer Kant10t, which was released last year, the compilation will feature additional singles from Rytikal and Seaview Gardens' fast-rising artist Michidon.

Portmore-native producer Young G, now living overseas, is focusing on empowering his label along with other artists and producers he collaborates with, such as Malick Muzic, who contributed to the "England Riddim".

"More releases are expected," Young G said, mentioning his connection with emerging producer Skelly Dan Records.


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