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The Weekly Roundup: Skeng, Topmann, Moyann, Kraff & More

Gaining the attention: Jahshii and Demarco trading melodies, Topmann and Moyann continuing the Big Bunx dominancy. Who else is featured this week?

L-R: Topmann, Jahshii, Moyann & Kraff (Photos: Jamar Cleary, Tejano Taylor)

The Jamaican artistes may set sights on some promising projects but they still consistently deliver – as once again, the past weekend. Here are some of the singles you should know about.

Demarco Ft. Jahshii – 'We Did It' The melodies and the lyrics stand out in this new release. A captivating collaboration between the accomplished singjay DeMarco and the talented Jahshii who traded melodies over producer Ajal's beat to create a powerful single.

Skeng – 'She' When it comes to songs that captivate the ladies, Skeng is one of the best. His infectious flow combines with a magnetic beat and creates a potential hit. the creativity behind the visuals obviously added a lot to the final product.

Jahmiel – 'Simple Man' A powerful message and humble attitude are dominant throughout the entire Jahmiel's career as he once again delivers a masterful single. Jahmiel is rich in lyrical content while his story telling ability creates a real-life story.

Moyann – 'Tight N' Squeeze' Moyann is garnering attention with a new sexy video presenting her single on the never-ending 'Big Bunx' compilation. In a humorous and entertaining way, she just sends us straight to the party.

Topmann - 'Waah Part' Dancehall artiste, Topmann dropped a music video for his single on the hot 'Big Bunx' riddim while he demonstrates a precise rhyme to deliver a catchy single that targets the dance floors.

Chi Ching Ching Ft. Lila Ike – 'Wurl A Baff' As an artist who has built his name over the years through his vibey dance songs, Chi Ching Ching collaborates with the talented Lila Ike for a catchy single which is now accompanied by visuals. The idea came from Ching as he shared in an interview with Kaboom, while the dance was created by the renowned dancer Energy.

Bounty Killer - 'Wine Da Waist' The legendary Bounty Killer delivers his signature style and infectious energy. With his commanding presence and witty wordplay, Bounty Killer proves once again why he is considered one of the masters of dancehall.

Kraff – 'Blicky' Rising dancehall artiste Kraff once again demonstrates his masterly lyrics prowess in a new single that features on Dynasty Global's new riddim. Kraff uses the familiar trappy flow to send a message of fearlessness.

Rytikal – 'Bam BiDam' Back in form, Rytikal showcases his lyrical ability & infectious flow and he once again targets the ladies with a new captivating single. The 'Ultimate' is just fit for this type of beat.

Skippa – 'All Night' Dynasty Global Ent. embarked on a new project with their exclusive and sampled beats and brought one of the rising talents, Skippa, who has proven his lyrical ability, with a unique trappy flow.

Nhance – 'Nah Guh Suh' Nhance is one of the most intriguing talents in the dancehall space. He showcased his melodic skills and emphasized the pain he experienced during his life while delivering a militant message. Another great beat was produced by Countre Hype.

Roze Don – 'Unch It' Roze Don is once again sending a message for the ladies with a vibey track produced by Countree Hype. With a dance was Created By Ultimate Shamz, the Spanish Town native is actually aiming for the charts & dance floors.


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