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  • Akeeile Harris

Review: Xodus Xperience - A Spectacular Carnival Success

The Xodus Xperience emerges victorious after meticulous planning, drawing crowds of over 5,000 revelers to the streets. DJs, Celebrities, and unforgettable moments

Shenseea captured the audience at Xodus (Photo: Coden Moyson)

The Xodus Xperience emerged as a resounding success following months of meticulous preparation for the last carnival. With crowds of revelers flooding the streets, estimated at 5,000 strong, marching alongside the band, and an array of DJs spinning diverse beats, the atmosphere ignited into a frenzy under the scorching sun. Patrons enjoyed endless drink mixes expertly crafted by efficient bartenders.

The journey through the Corporate Zone featured several Xperience stops at iconic spots like TGI Fridays and Campari BLVD. The event saw appearances from notable faces including Dancehall star Shenseea, 9ine, GBM Nutron, and Voice. Adding to the star-studded lineup, American rapper Coi Leray, known as 'Twinnem,' and content creator Kai Cenat joined the Carnival festivities. Leray dazzled in a Rave costume, while Cenat and companions sported male Art Deco attire. Notably, Streamer Aiden Ross and globally renowned hitmaker Rvssian also graced the occasion, further elevating the celebration.

Pierre Goubault, Xodus Carnival’s CEO, expressed. “It's an overwhelming feeling seeing all the work we’ve put in over the past 12 months come to fruition. The support received far exceeded our expectations. Seeing all the smiles, the merriment and the genuine satisfaction from our Xodus family, makes the sleepless nights all worth it.”

Xodus Carnival celebrated a remarkable milestone with over 5,000 revelers registering and jumping with the band on Sunday. According to the band, this achievement serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work in attracting such a massive turnout. They attribute the success to meticulous planning and flawless execution, ensuring unforgettable and enjoyable fetes throughout the season. Goubault elaborated, stating, "a testament to the work we’ve put in to have such a large turnout. The vibe we brought and maintained from the band launch straight up to Carnival week, played a big part in the number of revellers we received this year, undoubtedly our biggest year yet.”

Next stop for Xodus Carnival is CayMas where the band will ‘Fete to the Beat’ with Renegade Mas.


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