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Reggae Star Lila Ike Set to Release Debut Single from Upcoming Album Featuring H.E.R.

Jamaican songstress Lila Ike has delighted her fans with the announcement of her debut single from her upcoming album, set to be released in April

Lila Ike, establishing herself as a Rising Star (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Reggae star Lila Ike has unveiled plans to release the debut single from her highly anticipated album, featuring American R&B singer H.E.R. This exciting news came during her guest appearance on "The Ron Muschette Morning Show".

The Jamaican singing bird (Born Alecia Grey) recently marked her 30th birthday. Now, as the Jamaican songstress, she stands on the brink of a triumphant comeback with her second album. This marks her first release since the acclaimed "The ExPerience" in 2020.

Since then, with a stellar track record of captivating performances and infectious melodies, Ike has firmly established herself as a rising star in the reggae scene. With her distinctive voice carving a niche in the industry, Lila Ike is poised to create ripples as she rides the wave of success with her latest single, "Good and Great".

Ike's unique blend of reggae vibes and soulful melodies has garnered widespread acclaim, and her collaboration with H.E.R. is sure to elevate her music to new heights.

The 'Where I'm Coming From' singer boasts an impressive resume, with millions of listens and views to her songs over the past few years. Since bursting into the spotlight in 2018, she has garnered significant attention and a dedicated fan base.

H.E.R. is renowned for her monumental hits, with millions of views, including tracks like 'Damage', 'Focus', and more, many of which gained widespread popularity after her breakthrough into the American market in 2016.

In addition to her musical accomplishments, Ike is poised to join her protege, Protoje, during his 4-cities tour in the UK. This collaboration sets the stage for more electrifying performances in the summer, leading up to the highly anticipated album release.


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