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Prohgres introduces his new EP 'Diverse', offering a rich tapestry of tracks

The 5-track EP, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Simpac Music, aims to connect with a diverse range of listeners

Prohgres, embraces diversity

Dancehall artist Prohgres is poised to unveil his latest EP titled "Diverse," a five-track compilation showcasing his exceptional talent and versatility in the genre, slated for release on Friday, May 17. Produced in collaboration with acclaimed Grammy-nominated and Billboard-charting engineer Simpac Music, this EP boldly pushes boundaries, promising to redefine the dancehall landscape with its innovative soundscape.

"Diverse" showcases a range of tracks, from the infectious party anthem "Hype" that sets the stage on fire, to the edgy modern dancehall trap vibes of "Yeh," adding a fresh twist to the EP's sound. Seamlessly transitioning into the seductive groove of "Spontaneous" and the ode to feminine allure in "Allure," Prohgres effortlessly captures a spectrum of emotions that deeply resonate with listeners.

The EP reaches its pinnacle with the groundbreaking collaboration "Manifestation," featuring Headake Records. This track delves into thought-provoking themes, showcasing Prohgres' lyrical depth and social commentary.

"We aim to reach a wide range of audiences, but our primary focus is on women," echoed Prohgres. "The EP includes five diverse tracks that everyone can relate to."

Throughout Diverse, Simpac Music’s production wizardry is on full display, elevating each track with precision and innovation. Simpac Music’s exceptional craftsmanship enhances Prohgres’ vision, resulting in an EP that radiates authenticity and originality.

In "Diverse," Simpac Music's production expertise shines brightly, elevating each track with precision and innovation. Simpac Music's exceptional craftsmanship enhances Prohgres' vision, culminating in an EP that exudes authenticity and originality.


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