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Live your purpose: Meet the young talent, Abatau

Son of reggae icon, Tony Rebel, talks about how it affected his musical journey and the potential of his single 'Breaking Up'

Abatau, Young, Talented & Gifted (Jamar Cleary)

For the rising reggae artiste, Abatau, his purpose in life was determined from a young age. As the son of reggae icon Tony Rebel, his parents discovered early on that he was a natural singer. Abatau wrote a song dedicated to his mother, Alisia Jarrett, which he performed for the first time in Salute to the Rebels 2008, at the age of 10. The rest is history.

"I grew up watching him, hearing him. I was surrounded by music and that in Itself influenced me. I learned from observing, and started to do it on my own, and with the lessons that came from him, I was able to become a well-rounded musician", the talented artiste explains how being a son of a reggae icon affected his career.

Abatau, (born Abatau Rebel Ola Barrett) describes his music style as a mix of genres. "My musical style, I would say it’s an all-in-one. You’ll get a little reggae here, dancehall there, and even some jazz. Basically a combination of all genres".

The 25-Years-Old artiste, has already managed to perform at some main events such as Bermuda Culture Shock in 2018, and 'A St. Mary Mi Come From' and Reggae Sumfest in the same year.

He is a regular part of the lineup at his father's annual event, 'Rebel Salute' since 2008, as a son of the festival founder, Tony Rebel, and also played his part last January, alongside his sister and upcoming artiste, Davianah.

Over the last few years, he building up his musical catalog with several songs such as 'Lowe Mih Natty', 'Pain' and 'Don- Madda', but probably recorded his biggest success so far with the single, 'Breaking Up', a song about escape from poverty that created some buzz on the airwaves.

A regular part of the annual event of Rebel Salute (Jamar Cleary)

"The song has not yet reached its full potential in terms of success. hasn’t gotten its time as yet, But great feedback from the track", he added. just remember this young talent as a worthy prospect for the future.


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