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  • Akeeile Harris

Masicka, Valiant, Popcaan, and more: The Weekly Report

Masicka, Valiant, Popcaan, and others shine in the spotlight, with Smory I and Lila Ike teaming up for an impressive collaboration, while Kraff, Malie, and Pablo YG deliver their own noteworthy contributions

L-R: Valiant, Lila Ike, Popcaan, Masicka (Photo: Ace Pxl, Jamar Cleary, Tejano Taylor)

As we approach 2024 with giant strides, the music industry shows no signs of slowing down, consistently churning out noteworthy singles that are definitely worth your attention, a listen, and perhaps even a spot in your playlists. Here are a few that captured my ear this past week.

Masicka – 'Bed A Rock' Masicka joins forces once again with TJ Records to enchant the female audience with his latest track, 'Bed A Rock.' With an infectious and captivating rhythm, Masicka stays true to his signature style, crafting songs that feature genuine lyrics, compelling narratives, and a fusion of clarity, all pointing towards the possibility of another chart-topping hit.

Valiant – 'Dweet' Valiant has released a new single titled 'Dweet,' skillfully leveraging his lyrical prowess and melodies to contemplate his remarkable journey. Collaborating with British/Jamaican producer YGR English, Valiant highlights the fruits of his success over the past year. The accompanying visuals, likely captured during his visit to Canada, are artfully directed by video director Khing Cam.

Popcaan – ‘4Wud’ Popcaan collaborates with Anju Blaxx on an assertive track. With a precise sample from his mentor, Vybz Kartel, the Unruly Boss employs accurate lyrics to send a strong message to anyone who attempts to exploit him or his position.

Kraff – ‘Risk’ Kraff boldly embraces risk, delivering a consistent and distinctive flow that seamlessly combines rap and dancehall elements. His unique style sets him apart, making for a noteworthy performance that showcases the talent of rising talent.

Samory I Ft. Lila Ike – ‘Outside’ Two of the most unique voices in the reggae industry of this generation join forces for a track included in Samory I's project. The soulful vocals complement each other seamlessly, intertwining melodic and verse exchanges with harmony. Accompanied by an impressive video, this single unquestionably deserves recognition for its artistic merit.

Pablo YG – ‘Stay Far’ Pablo YG's music maintains its impact with a recent single featuring collaboration with the emerging producer DJ Mac, quickly ascending the trending charts on YouTube Jamaica. The distinctive flow and style effectively communicate the message, utilizing the fertile ground to refine and nurture the development of the young artiste.

Malie Donn – ‘Anything You Like' Malie Donn continues to advance and solidify his position as one of the standouts in the new generation of dancehall. With his unique flow, explicit lyrics, and an unapologetic approach, he leaves no stone unturned in challenging the girls to embrace sexual experiences.

Jahshii – ‘Top Dawg’ Jahshii delivers a slightly different style in his latest single, wielding sharp lyrics and ensuring a captivating flow. The visuals accompanying the track unequivocally convey that he means business and is not to be taken lightly.

Rygin King – ‘Sauna’ If you momentarily overlooked Rygin King's talent for winning over the ladies attention, his new single will undoubtedly remind you that he's a force to be reckoned with. The precise lyrical flow draws alluring women into the sauna, embodying a rugged and nonchalant charm that could potentially captivate the hearts of many girls.


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