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King Addies Wins 'Sound Fi Dead No Mercy' Clash at Amazura Club

Updated: Apr 16

The legendary Brooklyn-based sound system, King Addies, secured yet another historic win with a 5-3 victory over Jamaican powerhouse Bass Odyssey in the Tune-fi-tune segment

King Addies members celebrate the win

The Amazura Club in Queens, New York, played host to yet another electrifying edition of the sound clash, featuring two heavyweight contenders from around the globe: King Addies and Bass Odyssey. Dubbed "Sound Fi Dead No Mecry," this showdown saw Addies emerge victorious in the Tune-fi-tune with a score of 5-3, On Friday, April 12. Addies, led by selectors King Pin & Sojie Vybes, defeated Damian Delingy & Steppa who represented Odyssey.

For over 3 decades, King Addies and Bass Odyssey have engaged in fierce clashes across the globe, showcasing their mastery in various clash formats. The scoreboard of their one-versus-one battles stands testament to Addies' dominance with 11 wins compared to Odyssey's 3, with one draw among the 15 total clashes. In a memorable showdown back in 2013, Addies asserted their prowess over a double-clash weekend, leaving a lasting mark as the sole USA-based sound to overpower Odyssey in over a decade, and triumph over Odyssey's current selector team.

Despite their clashes, mutual respect prevails between Addies and Odyssey, acknowledging that while juggling commands its own allure, clash remains the ultimate test of skill and strategy.

Fans can look forward to catching King Addies sharing the stage with Bass Odyssey, alongside other renowned sounds such as Black Champion and Red Heat, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, on September 21st.


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