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  • Akeeile Harris

Jafrass and Jahmiel Unite for a Powerful Single Titled 'Prayer'

Dancehall Artists Deliver a Powerful Message in New Single with Cinematic Visuals: "It's our First Collaboration with Jahmiel, and I'm Very Proud of It,' Says Matthew 'Mappy' Wilson of NSG"

Jahiel, Jafrass, their first collaboration

Jafrass and Jahmiel, two of the leading dancehall artistes from the mid-2010s, have come together to release a new single titled 'Prayer,' which premiered with an accompanying video on October 29th.

The idea for this collaboration was initiated by the artists themselves. They've traded renditions of prayers set to a new beat, co-produced by NSG Music Group and Spot On Records. "It's our first collaboration with Jahmiel and it turns on to be a project I’m very proud of. mostly because of the message in the song. He’s artiste that I had been listening to before I was even in music so it was great experience to collaborate with him. Matthew 'Mappy' Wilson of NSG expressed his pride in this collaboration.

The single was accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by the rising video director, 9Mile Visualz. The video portrays Jafrass and Jahmiel delving into the power of prayers and is the result of a collaborative effort between the NSG team and 9Mile Visualz, with 9Mile Visualz playing a pivotal role in bringing the concept to life. "9 Mile is the driving factor behind the video and the concept coming to life as he is able to make anything possible", Mappy added.

In addition to their new release, Jafrass and Jahmiel are actively promoting their collaborative project 'Truth,' and an upcoming release by Topmann indicates that their partnership remains strong. "Spot On Records and NSG are a team, a family you would say which stems outside of music. we has great chemistry when it comes to music but that just comes naturally as the relationship is one that comes from beyond music", he reflected.

As we near the end of 2023, the label is brimming with exciting plans. These initiatives encompass the release of the music video for 'Chronic Law Escape,' which has already garnered significant attention on streaming platforms and TikTok. Furthermore, the label is actively developing new projects with artists such as Quada, Demarco, and Armanii. Notably, an upcoming project entitled the 'Monument Riddim' is on the horizon, comprising a 12-track compilation that showcases a mix of established artists and emerging talents. Mappy eagerly shared, "It's a busy close to the year as we head into the new one." This fervent activity underscores the label's commitment to making a dynamic transition from the current year to the next.


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