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Mr. Lexx & Foota Hype seemingly ends their 18-year beef

Popular controversial selector and the veteran dancehall artiste have seemingly ended the rift that stemmed from 2005 in which where both were captured fighting

Mr. Lexx & Foota Hype, ended their fued

Two of Dancehall’s most prominent players have seemingly ended their long-publicized 18-year rift. Popular selector & music producer, Foota Hype and artiste, Mr. Lexx have seemingly put an end to a fued that stemmed from 2005 where both were captured fighting at the popular weekly dancehall event, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, held in Kingston Jamaica.

In multiple videos that circulated on YouTube, Foota Hype was recorded selecting at the weekly event and lashed out verbal comments aiming at the artiste who responded with a physical attack that resulted in an altercation between the two. Foota Hype, who was the main selector for Dancehall’s most powerful force, The Alliance, led by the legendary who was also at odds with Mr.Lexס at the time was what most believed was one of the causes of the rift.

In a recent post on Mr. Lexx’s Instagram platform, the artiste is seen posing for a picture with the selector using the hashtag “Unity is Strength”, to the delight of supporters of both individuals. “Big up dancehall music and united artists” displayed one of the numerous favorable comments under the post. In response to this post, Foota Hype also posted the same picture with the caption “Unity is strength, Mr. Lexx inna USA, God A God”, also to welcoming comments from supporters.

Lexx, back in the USA (Jamar Cleary)

Earlier this month, longtime rivals Aidonia and Busy Signal were also spotted in a photo to the surprise of most dancehall fans. Let’s hope this continues throughout the dancehall space with more artistes coming together to display more unity and positivity which will ultimately grow the genre further on a global scale


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