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  • Akeeile Harris

Drae Sunami Seeks 'Fame' in The Heart of the Dancehall Scene

Dancehall newcomer consistently drops singles with the ambition of becoming the next big thing in the music industry

Drae Sunami, Searching for 'Fame'

Dancehall newcomer Drae Sunami (Given name Randie Watson) is confident that he has what it takes to be the next big star in dancehall music. The Westmoreland-based singjay says music has always been an integral part of his life and he is determined to etch his name in the annals of Jamaican music.

Persistently navigating the musical landscape, the Trelawny native, now based in Westmoreland, remains on the lookout for his breakthrough moment. Recent months have seen him generate buzz across the airwaves, he is now promoting his latest single, "Fame," serving as a testament to his talent and commitment to making a mark in vibrant Jamaican music.

Produced under Starlyfe Records, with the instrumental prowess of the great talent Prod.Carterr together with DJ Wavez, and the meticulous touch of LMG Mixing Lab on the mastering. "Fame" is supposed to be another breakout single from the rising Singjay.

"The beat firstly gave mi inspiration, then I started imagining the lifestyle that people that are wealthy live on a daily basis along with my aspirations and dreams.With that all together I wrote the lyrics relatable as possible", he described.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, Drae Sunami credits his father, an artist who didn't quite receive the break he deserved, as a primary influence. Additionally, he looks up to industry giants like Agent Sasco and Chris Brown, shaping his musical identity and style.

"I grew up around music, my father played the guitar and my older brother was always rapping. Music was always in the house, this fueled my desire to become an artiste from an early age. I've been singing and deejaying since primary school days and I have continued ever since," he said, adding that “my style and my flow is fresh and I'm ready for my big break in music."

has exciting plans for 2024

Working with Jay Blaze Musiq, who has recently rebranded as "Krecktos Musiq," and Squinge Musiq, Drae Sunami is paving the way for a musical journey that positions him on the front line.

As Drae Sunami continues to carve his path in the music industry, he has exciting plans for 2024. Anticipate a series of new hits, each carefully crafted to captivate audiences. Among the upcoming releases is a track titled "Money Call," promising a fresh wave of musical innovation and entertainment.

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