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  • Akeeile Harris

Dating, Deal Breakers, Favorite Movies, and More: Randalee Unveils Her Personality

In an entertaining and insightful interview, the emerging singer opens up about dating quandaries, relationship deal breakers, skincare routines, and her admiration for Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

Randalee prefers intimate settings over bustling nightlife

Jamaica has long been a breeding ground for musical talent, and one such rising artist aiming to capture the hearts of music lovers is Randalee. With a distinct fusion of reggae and R&B influences, Randalee is making waves in the music scene.

We introduce a unique portrayal of the emerging artist by posing amusing and revealing questions that shed light on her personality. "My favorite type of movies is anything horror. I love horror movies," she exclaimed, revealing her penchant for spine-chilling thrills.

In terms of favorite places for a date, Randalee prefers settings that are relaxed and low-key. "My favorite place for a date would be a restaurant or anywhere that's relaxed and low key. No clubs or anything like that," she shared, highlighting her preference for intimate settings over bustling nightlife.

As for her favorite food, Randalee admitted to having a soft spot for anything curry. "I don't have a specific food, but I do love anything curry," she confessed, showcasing her appreciation for the rich and aromatic flavors of Jamaican cuisine.

When it comes to fragrances, Randalee opts for scents that are subtle and non-triggering due to allergy concerns. "I'm not really into fragrance like that since I have allergy problems, so anything that's too sweet is sometimes triggering. However, I do like the scent of vanilla," she explained.

Regarding skincare, Randalee disclosed her regimen: "I maintain my skin with a straightforward routine comprising face wash, moisturizer, and exfoliating creams." She stressed the significance of skin health.

In discussions about relationship deal breakers, Randalee stressed the necessity of emotional connection: "My deal breaker with a man is a man that is emotionally ignorant and unavailable", She underscored the importance of mutual understanding and communication in a partnership.

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? "I wouldn't choose one over the other because I actually really like both females, plus their sound is different," she remarked, showcasing her appreciation for diverse musical styles.

As we look ahead, Randalee, focusing once more on her music career, is currently promoting her latest single 'Hold Me' and is poised to collaborate on a track with Charly Black, demonstrating her ambitious aspirations. Given her shy personality, this collaboration holds the potential to greatly enhance her career trajectory.


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