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Dancehall diva Tifa made her comeback to Kingston at Strictly2K

The recording artiste made her first performance in four years in the capital city at Wray & Nephew Strictly2K. "This year Tifa is back", She stated

Dancehall entertainer Tifa commanded the Strictly2K stage (Ayden Green)

Dancehall diva, Tifa made returned to Kingston with her first performance in four years in the capital city, last Friday.

The recording artiste and songwriter, 39, wowed patrons inside Mas Camp when she performed at the Wray & Nephew Strictly2K ‘Throwback Music Festival’.

The "Spell It Out" hitmaker stepped onto the Strictly 2K stage, dressed in a custom-made baseball jersey designed by her mother and immediately commanded the attention of her audience. At the sound of Tifa's voice through the microphone, several patrons – male and female – hurried to secure spots front and centre to get a good view of the entertainer as she deejayed and danced to some of the beats of the late 2000s.

Girls dem loved the vibes at Strictly 2k held at Mas Camp (Ayden Green)

Though a little nervous to make her appearance, the artiste revealed she was immediately transported back to a time when the music was all about the "feel good energy" of entertainment.

"The 2000s dancehall era is everything for me – it is timeless – it gives me a different type of energy and I was lucky to come into the space and catch the last part of that to contribute to it," Tifa shared.

"Me really come off the stage feeling good because it has been a long time me nuh perform fi the Kingston crowds. I know I didn’t show it, but I really was anxious prior to going on the Strictly 2K stage but the patrons really welcomed me, and I enjoyed having them sing along," she continued.

Shameika Gordon boasted her beach-tanned skin which hinted the season of summer is right around the corner (Ayden Green)

Donning their best 2000s looks the Strictly 2K audience was treated to a medley of TIFA’s top tracks including collaborations Swaggin’, Certified Diva, and Jealous Ova, where she engaged her male fans in a call-and-answer segment. Her singles "Spell It Out", "Bottom of the Barrel" and "Crawney Gyal" from the Dem Gyal Sittin Riddim had people begging for more from the singjay.

Tifa also announced that she had so much in store for her audience this year including an album. "This year Tifa is back! I'm just excited and satisfied I was able to engage my Kingston people because so much is happening,” the dancehall diva whose real name is Latifa Brown remarked.

Enthralled by the nostalgic musical performances of Tifa, Jah Vinci, Strictly 2k patrons took to social media to chronicle the experience dubbing it a must-attend event.

"This year Tifa is back! I'm just excited and satisfied I was able to engage my Kingston people because so much is happening"

Marketing Manager of J. Wray & Nephew Ltd, lead partner of the music festival, Pavel Smith was also in attendance and shared the sentiment of the attendees, "Strictly 2k consistently delivers a quality entertainment product. Adding Tifa and Jah Vinci as headliners was an excellent choice. We are happy to be on board to celebrate an era of Jamaican culture best remembered for its fun dance-worthy music," Smith shared.


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