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Branding & Expanding: The skills behind the masterpiece, meet Kreative Klique

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Getting to know the geniuses behind the scenes, the secret to their success, and what’s to come in the near future. We dive into the established film company world’s

Jahshii on his video shoot alongside the Kreative Klique (Shaq Kreative)

Behind every excellent music video are the faces of skilled individuals who work together to produce one final piece. Ever wondered who were the creative geniuses amongst some of your favorite Jamaican artists and their music videos? Look no further as we introduce Kreative Klique, a prominent film company in the music industry that has taken Jamaica by storm through their impeccable directing and video editing skills.

Located in Old Harbor St.Catherine, since its establishment in 2018, Kreative Klique has made a name for themselves, cementing their brand in the music industry. In an interview with Kaboom Magazine, team member, Shaq Kreative expounded on how Kreative Klique came into existence. "At first we were doing comedy skits, and a member from our team also edited youtube videos", he responded. "An artiste within our community asked us to shoot a music video, and through its success, we were inspired to create the team Kreative Klique", he added.

Known to be the team behind many music videos for artists such as Shaqstarr, Malie Donn, Yk Kastro, Chronic Law, Roze Don, Marksman, Pamputae, and Stacious to name a few, it is without a doubt that Kreative Klique has been buzzing in the streets. A major moment for the company was having the chance to work alongside Vybz Kartel’s team. "It was fun, it was a bit challenging seeing that he is incarcerated", he described the experience. "Usually videos are done with a main act but having to work around that made it a great experience to learn from", He further expounded.

Being a team of four alongside members Chadd Kreative, King Kreative, and Kobe Kreative the team has managed to consistently deliver quality pieces for these producers and recording artistes.

Understanding that with a team comes a lot of creative differences, we asked Kreative Klique how they get past these obstacles. "When a client reaches out, we all collaboratively listen to the song and the person with the better idea gets the project", he said. "We still however all work together to provide input for the final piece", he added.

Describing their longevity in the music industry, Shaq explained that the reason behind their long reign is their willingness to work with everyone. "Once you’re doing music, there's a space for you", he added.

wants to expand their brand into different branches (Shaq Kreative)

Being an established brand in the music industry Kreative Klique’s goal is to further expand their brand into different branches of creativity. With hopes to enter the movie industry, they aim to pursue short films and create a movie in the near future.

While working alongside Deno Crazy and his team, they just released the video for his new single 'Move On', produced by Tru Ambassador Next Generation. there’s a lot in store to look forward to throughout 2023.

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