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Blazing the airwaves: the songs that stood out this week

When the visual level requires high standards, Teejay, Valiant, Skeng, Chronic Law and Dexta Daps always deliver. Who else caught your eyes this week?

From Left to right: Valiant, Teejay and Skilliebeng caught our eyes this week (Tori harding, Kyro Smoke, Ace Pxl)

It seems that the global music industry, in particular, the Jamaican music industry, are raising the demands for creative visuals. How do the artistes respond to these demands? They consistently and rapidly deliver. These are what caught our eye this week.

Skeng – "Paris"

It was expected, it was requested and Skeng again, creatively delivered. After his massive hit "London", the dancehall driving force, Skeng, who is currently on tour in France, used the renowned local destination, the Eiffel Tower for the music video; “Paris”. As he usually does when he travels to popular countries, Skeng teamed up once again with his friend and producer, ‘Drop Top Records’, to voice another single that combines his familiar flow and lyrics.

Teejay – "Drift"

After high anticipation, Teejay finally dropped the visuals for "Drift"; his viral song which is gaining momentum across social media and dance floors. The wordplay and melodies that characterizes him throughout his career, integrates seamlessly with the beat, and now matched with the bouncing visual, fastened with sexy girls, fire, dance moves and everything that is needed to grab the audiences’ attention. Many have already labeled “Drift” as the summer anthem.

Skillibeng – "16DEM"

Skillibeng has provided his fans with a new song that is already placed at the #16 spot on the Jamaica YouTube trending charts. "16 DEM" is wrapped with militant lyrics, and a gritty-gun play style which combines well with the beat. The visuals, produced by the well-known video directors of 'TNOC' (The Now Or Never Crew), were delivered in black and white to illustrate the grimy atmosphere to which the St.Thomas native talks about in the song.

Dexta Daps Ft. Alaine – "See It Yah"

The chemistry, the music video, and the smooth vocals, is just magical on this track. Both extremely talented with multiple hit singles independently, have now linked up to create such an amazing song. We heard ‘Dexta’ recently with his soulful vocals on "Slow Motion" featuring Bounty Killer and Cham, and here is no different as he returns to compliment the sweet harmonies of 'Alaine'.

Valiant – "1942"

Valiant again shows his creativity, and understanding of the game. His lyrical ability and melodic flow fits well in a song that is all about a love & drama spiced up with Mexico's best-selling brand of tequila, Don Julio 1942. The industry is still cultivating creative minds.

Chronic Law – "Nuh Trust Dem"

Low Boss is masterful in his craft. His consistency continues to accelerate on the release of multiple songs per week, however, this time he has raised the bar on this track and provided a short film starring the actor 'Zbek', and lyrics that discusses family fraud, a popular topic in the Dancehall space. As demand for more creative video rises, so does the production of different types of visuals.

1Skimask – "Ye Ye Ye Ye"

1Skimask, is maintaining his momentum; the social media star who just took his first steps in the music industry, after scoring with "Dawkniss", delivers again with simple wordplay, a sexy visual, on another catchy and infectious song.

RajahWild – “Bad Habbit”

After making noise last year on the dancehall scene, Rajahwild highlights his talent again in 2023. So true, he is still young in terms of his age, but his flow and style serve him well on a few popular projects and this "Bad Habit" single could just be another one to add to his teenage resume.

Pablo YG – “Skylarker”

The rising talent from Jamaica's North Coast continues his musical growth. His lyrics and flow are synchronized well with the beat and is represented by the typical visual that identifies with current times. ‘Pablo YG’ returns with "Skylarker".


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