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Beenie Man reflects: “When my mother died, I couldn't even work or make music"

The 'king of dancehall' shared more details ahead of Simma's release: "I worked on it for 3 years. The album name isn't associated with my song 'Sim Simma'"

Beenie Man accompanied by his Children at the album launch (Ace PXl)

Joyingly promoting the release of his new masterpiece, Beenie Man revealed details of his new album via a post on his Instagram account just before heading to his album launch and early birthday celebration which was held at 'Di Lot' Club in Kingston, Jamaica on Monday.

“A lot of people are making noise right now, and it's time to relax”, the newly 50-year-old jokingly expressed. Making reference to his popular 1998 single 'Sim Simma', the veteran artiste continued to express and emphasize the creativity placed on the name of the album. “This is not associated with my song Sim Simma, it's a lot of noise and the people need to calm down and Simma. The King is here”, he playfully added.

"The album is including all the musical styles of Jamaica" (Photo by Ace Pxl)

Highlighting the time and dedication placed on his work of art, the accomplished deejay gave insight on the time working on his album while coping with the loss of his mother. “I have been working on this album for three years”, the king of dancehall explained. “When my mother died it was really hard on me. I couldn't even work or make music, but now I’m better as I know she is always with me in my heart”, Davis reflected as he spoke about his mother.

Describing the musical sound of the upcoming release, Beenie highlighted the different genres of music to be expected on the album. "It is all about music. Think about Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, all the musical styles of Jamaica”, the dancehall creative passionately explained. "Of Course, we would still have to add that Jamaican touch; the drums, the baseline mix it all together and that's my album", the Doctor, as he is popularly known, added.

With 'Simma' set to be released on August 31st, the album teases features including collaborations with Grammy-nominated artistes such as Sean Paul and current popular mainstream artiste Shenseea. Emphasizing what to expect with the album’s production, Beenie hinted at an old school versus new school crossover. “Regardless if the producer is old or new they both came with the energy on this album. It will be music that we need and what the people will love to hear”, he concluded.


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