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Aidonia strikes again, Skeng targets the hot summer - the leading songs for this week

Aidonia teases upcoming body of work, Skeng is destined for another summer anthem while Pablo YG & 450 delivers a mesmerizing song for the ladies

L-R: Jahshii, Kraff, Aidonia, Govana & Najeeriii (Tejano Taylor, Rickayla Mcneil)

How Aidonia has been cooping in the last few months is simply admirable. The veteran artiste focuses on his upcoming project, ‘Occupied Mind' and releases singles consistently. Likewise, Jahshii returns with ‘Brave Heart’ single, and Kraff impresses on hot summer riddim. Who else makes the weekly list?

Aidonia – ‘We Doh Regular’

Aidonia is gearing up for his upcoming project, ‘Occupied Mind’ and is releasing singles at an impressive pace. The veteran Deejay uses versatility in this single that is completely different from his customary hip-hop delivery. Here, he fondly mentions songs from his successful past and fires his infectious lyrics to deliver an authentic dancehall single for the ladies.

Skeng – ‘Fever

Skeng is ready to set the music scene ablaze with his usual high energy & infectious melodies wrapped with a talented group of producers that are destined to make waves with this single. The sizzling track is just another potential summer anthem for the artiste.

Kraff – ‘Remy Martin’

The latest addition to the captivating Fresh Drop Riddim presents the rising talent, Kraff. The north coast dancehall newcomer spices up the beat with his typical trappy flow bearing the Remy Martin brand name and showcases his lyrical prowess.

Govana – ‘Xman’

Govana once again uses his familiar humorous style matched perfectly with visuals that tell the story of this single. After a series of humorous singles in the past that gained a lot of success, he aimed once again for similar success on the ever-expanding juggling from Romiech Entertainment and has already placed on the trending chart in Youtube Jamaica.

Jahshii – ‘Brave Heart’

Jahshii is known for his deep meditation-style lyrics expressed on melodic beats, that has been proven many times over a success for the artiste and is also evident on this track produced by Reign Records. He combines the melodies and lyrics about faith and him having a brave heart.

Pablo YG Ft. 450 – ‘Gyal Magnet’

Pablo YG is about to release his 'Bad Juvi' mixtape, and this highly anticipated single along with the ladies’ favorite artiste, 450, definitely has the right energy and vibes. The smooth voice of 450 matches well with Pablo's flow to magnetize the ladies. The addition of a sensual and sexy music video, is the winning formula for the collaboration.

Najeeriii - 'Paddle Boat'

Fast-rising talent, Najeeriii is the latest addition to 'Big Bunx' Riddim by Zimi Records and the emerging label, Now Or Never. The teenager gathers some sexy girls to ride on a pedal boat and fires lyrics that describe the situation brilliantly. We can assume that Najeeriii is gaining momentum on the local scene.

Roze Don – ‘Budobi’

Roze Don is one artiste that dedicates most of his releases for the ladies. With his unique flow, the rising artiste creates another groovy song that is deeply destined for the dance floors. The single produced by Extended Play Records is a possible banger after using that usual sucessful formula.

Malie Donn – ‘Lifestlye’

Malie Donn showcases his luxurious lifestyle in a new single accompanied by a sexy and sensual music video. The young artiste is known for his lyrics, flow and unique voice that keep him relevant and consistent almost every week.

Tribal Kush, Renigad & Luigi Society – ‘Siddung’

The surprising work of the week comes from the Producer/Promoter, Luigi Society who teams up with the artiste, ReniGad, Basshall creator, Kybba & Dutch dou, Tribal Kush for an excellent collaboration that maintains pure tropical music blended with the summer vibes & authentic Dancehall sounding beat. The catchy and bounty single is reminiscent of the authentic 90s dancehall sound.

Biggs Don - ‘Don Dem’

Biggs Don returns with a single where he showcases a surprisingly melodic ability and substance rather than what we are used to from the artiste since his breakthrough song. With his EP in the making, the teenager came up with this statement song.

Skippa – ‘Bob Ponzi’

Rising trap artiste, Skippa once again showcases his lyrical talent, unique flow and voice, to deliver a new 'Choppa lifestyle' single. An impressive rhyming ability and use of monetary terminology, guides the listener throughout the entire song.

Other notable singles that are worth mentioning are 'Potent' by Quada who teamed up with the well-known Spanish Town label, Armz House Records and from the young talent, Finga Quenga joining forces with Sponge Music for the single 'Perseverance' which appears on his successful Forgiven Riddim.


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