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16-Year-Old Violinist Leah Flynn Aspires to Collaborate with Reggae Legends

16-year-old Leah Flynn keen to blend classical and reggae music, inspired by Jamaican icons Beres Hammond and Shaggy

16-year-old violinist Leah Flynn is eager to fuse her love for classical music with that of reggae music. Inspired by the likes and works of Beres Hammond and Shaggy, Leah has a growing interest in the genre and hopes to one day collaborate with both artistes.

As an African American violinist with Jamaican roots, Leah has encountered comments suggesting that she doesn't conform to the typical profile of a classical musician. However, she embraces her Jamaican spirit, defying stereotypes and aiming to immerse herself in classical music authentically, while also enjoying the creative blend with other genres. Leah expressed, "I love the groove, rhythm, and feel of reggae music. In my classical training I can cross over to other genres, and this gives me a chance to improvise more”, said Leah.

This determined young artist recently unveiled a video featuring her cover of Bob Marley’s iconic single ‘One Love.’ Leah explained, “Bob Marley is a legend, an icon; selecting one of his songs was an obvious choice for me to share with my fanbase, both locally and internationally. 'One Love' conveys a message of solidarity with global resonance.”

Beres Hammond, Will he assist Leah in fulfilling her dream? (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Leah's proactive approach has led to her acceptance into Carnegie Hall and its Weill Music Institute Intensive Summer Program in New York. Her acceptance letter hails her selection for the orchestra as a "remarkable accomplishment," acknowledging her dedication, talent, and unwavering passion for music.

The fruits of her labor have been evident since the age of 9 when she performed at the White House during the Christmas Holiday Tours while President Barack Obama was in office. Following that, Leah made appearances on the TD Jakes Show and assumed the role of concert master for a group of teenagers at the Metropolitan Area Youth Orchestra (MAYS) in 2015 in Orlando, Florida.


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